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About Us
Our lead team of three examiners have over 100 years of combined experience searching and examining title. Nobody else comes close! Having inside experience with underwriters, real property law firms, and title agents: they know what you need and how you need it done. We are a, small but mighty, family-owned real estate research company servicing all of your title search needs.

Executive Abstract Research always does an awesome job. No matter the complexity of the order, they are great at putting the pieces together and answering all our questions.  ~Tara Fowke, President
Executive Title of Florida
Chester is an immense resource for All Real Estate Title Solutions. We can always rely on him and his company for expert search service that many times is better than most underwriters. His understanding of our business exceeds his 38 years of experience, but what really sets him apart is his dedication to his customers. 
We have experienced this time and time again. 
~Gaby Germino, President
All Real Estate Title Services
I have worked with Executive Abstract for over a decade. Chester and his staff are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to property searches. They are all experienced searchers and have the necessary experience to help guide attorneys. 
We rely on Executive Abstract for our searches because we know we are getting the best quality title abstract in the business.  
~Michael J. Owen, Esquire, Partner
Owen & Dunivan, PLLC
  • 20/30/50 Year searches available 
  • Ownership & Encumbrance Reports 
  • Pre-Foreclosure - Auction Property Reports 
  • Municipal estoppel searches 
  • Any other title search issues you may need addressed
  • Contact us for all your title research needs  

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